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Reduced  mobility


Arthritis / Osteoarthritis


Joint Pain


Degenerative Knee Damage


Damage from Past Injury


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“After bone on bone pain to my knee prevented me from doing Pilates and riding my mountain bike I saw Glennice, PA for stem cell/PRP injection and adjustments from Dr Bell, DC and after 3 months I am amazed at the improvement! I am back to 8 mile rides and although there are some Pilates exercises I leave out, I am enjoying full workouts again! I did push things the other day and was afraid I’d injured myself but an adjustment and support from Dr Bell has put me back in the game! And I hear I should keep on improving for another 3 months or so! Thank you all at Vitality for your support!”

Annette H.

“I’m a senior; a polite way to say I’m old. Only in years and experience. In my mind I’m still a kid still wanting to learn and explore. Still, every so often reality rears it’s head and reminds me of the time that has passed. I was born at the start of the 2nd world war. I remember milk delivered to the home, party lines and my first doctor, Dr. Slate of Detroit Michigan, made house calls. I never saw his office. He removed my tonsils (in a hospital) and I still can recall the smell of ether. Medicine was simpler then. My point of all this nostalgia is this: I tore the meniscus in my knee. Normally surgery is required. I found out about stem cell treatment and opted for it. It’s been four months now. I walk normally again. No limp or pain. I can jog, go up and down stairs, as good as before the injury. I still have 2 more months of regeneration before the process is complete. That’s a long way from house calls and ether.”

Allen P.