The immune system is possibly the most fundamental network of cells, tissues, and organs for maintaining the overall health of the body. Designed to fight against infection and disease, it is also the complex system responsible for all of the body’s restoration and healing processes after an injury. When the body is healthy, the immune system is constantly busy repairing damaged and replacing old tissues. At its best, it operates quietly and smoothly in the background, continuously searching for and eliminating any possible threats or invaders it can find.

Only when some part of the immune system is disrupted, shocked, or exhausted does it become clear how much it affects a person’s total health and well-being. The fact that this complicated system involves so many different parts communicating with each other makes it especially vulnerable to problems. When overwhelmed by an injury, infection, or other attacks on the body, the immune system can easily become either weak or overactive. Symptoms of inflammation, fatigue, and chronic pain can become persistent in many conditions, and eventually resistant to healing and traditional treatments.

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What is Regenerative Medicine and How Does it Work?

The desperate need for safer and more effective treatment options has driven the latest, most incredible developments in regenerative medicine and technology. Chronic conditions and pain can limit your ability to complete everyday tasks, take a toll on your energy levels, and even lessen your body’s ability to fight off infections. Treatments using concentrated amounts of adult stem cells take full advantage of the role of the immune system in healing chronic, persistent conditions that were once considered essentially untreatable.

Injuries and chronic conditions lessen the body’s natural ability to regenerate and heal itself. Conditions like these are painful and immobilizing, and can be very difficult to heal once inflammation develops and scar tissue begins to form. Regenerative Medicine is an advanced treatment protocol for those who have tried conventional methods to treat and heal soft tissue, tendon, and ligament damage without success. It is also effective for recovery from a variety of other conditions affecting the immune system or thyroid, diabetic ulcers, burns, different forms of arthritis, tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis.

By taking healthy stem cells already produced in other areas of the patient’s own body, then injecting them in potent amounts directly into the affected area or organ, the immune system is brought into action. In response, natural human growth factors are released, and immediately stimulate the repair of damaged tissues. Pain and inflammation subside, and healing can begin. Triggering and strengthening the body’s immune system allows it to heal the condition naturally, without the need to conceal symptoms with medication or risk cutting into the skin.