Regenerative Medicine

Stem cells are life; without them, our bodies would not be able to recover from illness, disease, or injury. At Vitality Medical Group we use Regenerative Medicine to help your body restore lost cushioning, support and fluid in the damaged or injured joint.

 Regenerative Cell Therapy can help relieve your pain!

If you are experiencing inflammation from a disease or injury, Regenerative Cell Therapy can relieve your pain!

Joint Inflammation

When you are injured, your body produces inflammation to send your immune system into action. Inflammation signals your body’s stem cells that there is a need for repair so they can regenerate or renew dead and damaged cells. Inflammation in joints or tendons can be caused by injury, arthritis, or other diseases.

Inflammation is Vital to Healing

Many people make the mistake of using medication to cover up the inflammation and pain. NSAID drugs such as Ibuprofen, Advil, Mobic, or Celebrex block the inflammation that helps signal stem cell healing and repair. This suppresses cartilage cell growth and natural repair of articular cartilage.

Cortisone shots, like NSAIDs, also prevent the body from repairing itself. Cortisone shuts down collagen producing cells (stem cells) and prevents collagen formation in the affected area. The relief you feel after a shot is only temporary. The problem will still be there when the Cortisone wears off, because the shot does not treat the underlying problem.

The Advantage of Regenerative Medicine

Instead of giving you medications that slow and prevent your body from healing, we use Regenerative Cell Therapy to help your body control inflammation naturally. Regenerative Medicine harnesses the self-repair mechanism of the body and uses no pharmaceutical drugs or harmful cortisone injections. The process is natural and uses non-surgical techniques to help speed the healing and repair of the damaged area.

With Regenerative Cell Therapy, the regenerative tissue that is injected provides cushioning support for the joint, in other words it helps reduce the effects of bone on bone friction. The second thing that Regenerative Cell Therapy does is increase the lubrication in the affected joint. This fluid is called synovial fluid and is a thick liquid that prevents friction in your joints. Patients who suffer from arthritis and gout have a decreased amount of synovial fluid in their joints which can lead to pain and inflammation.

Regenerative Cell Therapy at Vitality Medical Group

Vitality Medical Group focuses on using birth tissue obtained from Amniotic fluid and Wharton’s Jelly . These products, commonly known as a Tissue Allograft Injection (TA), are ethical in their source, meaning that are harvested after a live c-section birth, they do not come from embryo’s of a human fetus (abortion).

We will also combine a solution of Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP), obtained through a sample of your blood with the Tissue Allograft sample. Our clinical experience has shown us that this gives the quickest response time to reduction in pain and inflammation.

We use guided ultrasound imagery to help ensure proper location for the injection of the fluid. The procedure takes approximately an hour and there is little to no recovery time. We will provide you with a schedule to return to activities after the procedure.

With arthritis or injury, inflammation prevents the joint from healing. A typical patient will begin to see a reversal of the destructive inflammation about 10-14 days after the procedure. As the inflammation is reduced, we typically see a reduction in the pain as well.

Your doctor may also recommend rehabilitation therapy and chiropractic care as part of your program.

The healing process will continue for about 3-6 months. Most patients feel significant relief in 3-4 weeks, and start to resume normal activities (such as exercise and walking) in 4-6 weeks. Most patients only need 1 injection to get the results that they desire. Only in rare instances are additional injections necessary.

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The Benefits of Regenerative Medicine


Quicker Healing and Less Pain

By signaling the body’s own regenerative cells, the body is able to heal quicker and more naturally.

Healthier Tissue

Regenerative Cell Therapy helps the damaged joint tissue heal stronger by improving the cushioning and lubrication of the joint. This has the effect of promoting the body’s ability to heal with the long-term result of stabilizing the joint.

Improved Motion and Function + Reduced Risk of Injuries In the Future

Surgery usually involves cutting, scraping, and moving tissue that can create more instability in the joint. Regenerative tissue is not invasive and helps the joint to heal in the way the body was intended to. The tissue can actually recover instead of being permanently altered, avoiding loss of mobility.

Faster Recovery

Surgical procedures can result in months of recovery time. The process of Regenerative Medicine can help return a patient to normal activity within 3-4 weeks. Generally, most symptoms are resolved within a few months.

Regenerative Medicine is currently being used extensively to treat patients who suffer from knee, hip, ankle, shoulder, low back and neck conditions.

Where Does The Regenerative Tissue Come From?

The source of the Regenerative Tissue comes from a healthy donor that is screened prior to being accepted as donor. To be clear: there are no embryonic tissues used in any of our procedures. We use an ethically sourced birth tissue that comes from the amniotic fluid and Wharton’ Jelly after a cesarean section birth in a hospital. In a process called cryopreservation, the tissue is stored in liquid nitrogen (frozen) until ready for use. The laboratory from which we obtain our regenerative tissue meets all FDA, AATB, AABB standards. Vitality Medical Group also follows all FDA guidelines, so the Regenerative Cell Therapy offered in our clinics is safe and FDA compliant.

Why Choose Birth Tissue over Bone Marrow or Fat-Derived Procedures?

Birth tissue comes from a donor after childbirth. No painful, invasive procedures like bone marrow harvesting or abdominal liposuction are required.

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