Type II Diabetes Treatment

Care & Management for Type II Diabetes in Hemet and Temecula, CA.
We treat the root cause of your condition, not just the symptoms

A Functional Approach

If you’re seeking treatment for diabetes in Hemet or Temecula, CA, you’ve probably already experienced traditional medicine’s acute care approach. Doctors are typically quick to reach for the prescription pad, and insulin is usually prescribed to help control blood sugar levels. At Vitality Medical Group, we prefer functional medicine, which seeks to address underlying problems, rather than just treating symptoms. We offer alternative diabetes treatment. Blood sugar management is important, of course, but often the medications provided by mainstream medicine to lower blood sugar can be problematic for those with chronic conditions.

At Vitality Medical Group, we treat patients by taking a detailed history, practicing purposeful, investigative listening, and providing a thorough physical examination in order to create a personalized treatment plan that works with each patient’s unique health condition. Once we’ve run lab tests, we review those tests and the results of the physical exam thoroughly, after which we come up with an individual action plan for the patient’s best health.

For diabetes, our healthcare professionals complement your medical program using research-based botanicals known to improve the response to insulin. This allows patients to lose weight, reduce medications, and use supplements to support healthier blood sugar. In this way, patients are able to live healthier, more satisfying lives, feeling better and more energetic, while keeping their blood sugar under control.

At Vitality Medical Group, we offer diabetic remedies in the Hemet and Temecula area that are designed to treat the patient as a whole person, not just a collection of symptoms.

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Changed Our Lives

Vitality Medical group has changed our family’s life forever! I want to thank Dr. Bell and Glennise, his amazing PA-C, for increasing the quality of life in my husband. After his treatments his disabled shoulders have become useful again.


Such a great place! This company has changed my life!! Amazing Doctors who listen and treat the root cause of the problem and warm and friendly staff that truly care! I highly recommend them for natural and effective wellness options THAT WORK!!!


I found the Dr. And all staff to be very patient, kind and professional! Very neat and clean Office! The Dr. Is very knowledgeable. The doctor is very well mannered and clean cut.